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18th mRH Congress – Engagement & Trust

The three major challenges for HR Leaders after the crisis will be to maintain and develop employee engagement, meet the new generation’s expectations and build trust with stakeholders (unions, community, etc.).

Consultant studies estimate that only 14% to 30% of employees are e ngaged at work. And the crisis had disastrous effects! One key question: what is employee engagement? Typically in literature, engagement is intended to describe the degree to which an employee is so committed to an organisation that he or she will invest extra effort in the work. When seeking employee engagement we seek for an employee to be both rationally and emotionally engaged with the company’s purpose. It is a matter of behaviour, not of attitudes. It is also a metter of energy, of being passionate. It’s a matter of connection… One of the objectives of the congress will be to answer this other one: how to go about getting it?

For the first time history, four distinctly different generations will soon work side by side. Each of these four generations (Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y) is guided by a different set of values, beliefs, and expectations. This will open new challenges as far as people engagement is concerned.

Gaining engagement internally is also directly linked to build trust externally. Companies that build strong relationships with their stakeholders will be at an advantage.

During this 18th Congress, we will discover best practices and share experience.

Just be part of it!

Where will we stay during the 18th mRH Congress ?

You will be hosted at the Regent Grand Hotel in the very centre of Bordeaux.
The Regent bordeaux
The Regent Grand Hotel : PresentationSituation

How do we get there ?

>> Flight schedules have now be confirmed by the airport authorities ! Please take note of the final timing.

Our flight will leave Brussels Airport around 01.30 pm on March 24th.
Please join us at the airport at 12.00 am. Traffic should be easy at that time of the day.
We will arrive at Bordeaux (Merignac) around 03.15 pm and start with the first working session in the afternoon around 4.15 pm in an amazing location ! Welcome to Bordeaux !

We will join the hotel at the end of the working session right after the welcome cocktail.

When do we get back home ?

We will return to Brussels on March 27th, around 2.00 pm.
Arrival at Brussels Airport at 3.30 pm.


Wednesday March 24th pm
Millesima – at the entry of the town

04.30 pm – introduction and deliverables by Michel Deboeck
05.00 pm – Tony Williams (RBS)
06.00 pm – Tom Auwers (FOD Sociale Zekerheid)
07.00 pm – Cocktail in the « Bibliothèque Impériale »
08.00 pm – Back to the hotel

Thursday March 25th
OPERA NATIONAL DE BORDEAUX (in front of the hotel)

09.00 am – Peter Vrijsen (Cargill)
10.00 am – Joel Bourdenet – Jean-François Guillot (Alstom case)
11.30 pm – Jaap Paauwe (Universiteit Tilburg)
12.30 > 02.00 pm – lunchtime at the Regent Hotel
02.00 pm – Panel Discussion with Mia Vanstraelen (IBM), Vinciane Istace (PWC Luxbg) and Tom Auwers (FOD Sociale Zekerheid)
04.45 pm – conclusions of the working session
06.30 pm – leave to Château Pape Clément (visit, wine tasting and dinner)
10.30 pm – back to the hotel

Friday March 26th am
Regent Hotel

09.30 am – Jacques Horovitz (Châteauform’)
10.30 am – Geneviève Bruynseels (Com.Solutions)
12.00 am – Conclusions of the 18th mRH Congress with all participants – chaired by Michel Deboeck
12.45 am > 02.15 pm – lunchtime ath the Regent Hotel
02.30 pm – leave to various activities. You are free to choose amongst the guided tour of Bordeaux, the visit of the charming pedestrian city of Saint Emilion and the discovery of the Suiduiraut winery including VTT in the area (swimming pool + sauna accomodation available).
07.00 pm – leave to Château Smith Haut Lafitte for the Gala Dinner
11.00 pm – back to the Hotel


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