In July 2012, the Organisation of United Nations proclaimed March 20 "International Happiness Day".
We take this opportunity to promote Happiness at Work in Belux through the first International Community of Happy Organisations.

How can you be a part of it ?

Is your own company convinced of the critical impact of Happiness on the Business performance? Do you plan or have you already started a journey to Happiness at Work? Then, join the initiative and share your best practices within the Happy Organisations Community.

You want to start a Happy Project in your organisation?

Let us know! We'll be happy to advise you and to provide you some happy support (strategic and operational consulting, tools,
goodies, survey, ...)

Looking for the best way to celebrate Happiness all over the year?

Join us for an exclusive HappyLunch© with 150+ leaders, top executives, politics, academics!

As a reminder: Happy Employees make Happy Customers who make Happy Shareholders!

Let's spread happiness around us !

Why is Happiness so important to your business ?
Some evidence...

• Disengagement costs 350M$/y to USA (Gallup)

• Unhappy employee = 2 x + sick (Gallup)
• Unhappy employee = 6 x + absent (Gallup)
• Unhappy employee = 0,45 x - creative (T. Amabile - Harvard Business School)

• Happy employee = 9 x + loyal (Gallup)
• Happy employee = 31% more productive (S. Achor - IAPR)
• Happy employee = 3,9 x growth of earning/ share * (Gallup)
• Happy employee = longer career from 4.9 up to 6.6 years * (Securex)